Oulu Regional Organization of Sulasol

Oulu Regional Organization of Sulasol (Finnish: Sulasolin Oulun piiri ry) was founded in 1945. Its operational area covers Northern Ostrobothnia and Kainuu regions. It has 28 member organizations of which 6 are male choirs, 5 female choirs, 7 mixed choirs, 7 child and youth choirs, and 3 orchestras.


Email address: oulun (dot) piiri (at) sulasol (dot) fi

Chairman Mr. Pekka Mattila
Ms. Anni Kokki
Mr. Kristian Heberg
Member Ms. Paula Huhtelin
­Member ­Ms. Emilia Manninen
Mr. Antti Palsola
Member Ms. Lea Peltola


Operational area. (Map source: Wikimedia Commons)